Greatness STEMs from Active Working Groups and Programs

Greatness STEMs from Active Working Groups and Programs

The most pressing challenges facing STEM education in the state of Iowa requires attention and dedication. The Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council identifies specific areas to increase and enhance STEM in the lives of young Iowans. The particular areas of focus are researched and then offered to the STEM Council as areas of further exploration in advancing STEM. The various active working groups and current programs incorporate all facets of STEM and evolve as Iowa STEM progresses.

If you would like to make a suggestion or contribute to any of these groups, please contact us.

Current Active Working Groups

Broadband for Iowa
Community College STEM Network
Four-Year College STEM Network
Iowa STEM Conference Planning
STEM Active Learning Community Partners
STEM BEST Selection and Guidance
STEM Business Engagement
STEM Communications
STEM Engagement of School Counselors
STEM Equity
STEM Scale-Up Planning
STEM Seal of Approval
STEM Support of Ag. Science
STEM Support of Arts and Culture
STEM Support of Computer Science
STEM Volunteer Service
STEM Youth Advisory Board

Current Programs

Microsoft IT Academy
STEM Scale-Up Program
STEM Teacher Externships
I.O.W.A. STEM Teacher Award
STEM Endorsement
STEM Festivals
STEM Businesses Engaging Students and Teachers (BEST)
STEM Program Evaluation