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Friday, November 11, 2020

By: Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council Central Operations Team

Every day, we experience STEM in the world around us in many forms. From our cellphones to the buildings we visit, science, technology, engineering and mathematics can be found almost anywhere. STEM skills help prepare Iowa students for jobs of the future, inspire curiosity and give meaning to the world around us.

National STEM Day is observed annually on November 8. This unofficial holiday celebrates STEM education and shines a light on the importance of helping students advance in STEM fields.

In observation of National STEM Day, we encourage you to help shine a light on the importance of STEM education in Iowa. Here are ten ways to participate:

1. Listen to the STEM Essential Podcast and Share your Favorite Episode

Learn from the leading advocates in our state by tuning into season two of STEM Essential, the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council’s podcast. Catch up on the entire catalog or share your favorite episode of the new series.

2. Complete an Activity from the Teachable Moments Page

Want to celebrate in a more hands-on way? Take a look at all of the options from our Teachable Moment page. There are activities for preschool to high school students, both online or unplugged, so you can choose the best activity for your family or classroom.

3. Attend the Iowa STEM BEST Webinar

Mark your calendar for November 10, 2020 at 3:30 p.m. Leaders from Iowa Workforce Development, John Deere, the U.S. Department of Labor and in education will discuss high school registered apprenticeships. These programs help prepare Iowa students with the crucial STEM skills they need to fill great jobs when they join the work force.

4. Join the November Twitter Chat

After you listen to the insights from the Iowa STEM BEST webinar, get ready to share your thoughts. The Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council is hosting a Twitter chat on November 12, 2020. Also focused on high school registered apprenticeships and their contributions to STEM education, it will be a great way to engage with other passionate STEM advocates.

5. Engage with Your Regional STEM Advisory Board on Social Media

There are STEM events happening in your community! The easiest way to know about them is to find your regional STEM hub on social media.

Northwest Regional Hub

Southwest Regional Hub

North Central Regional Hub

South Central Regional Hub

Northeast Regional Hub

Southeast Regional Hub

Follow them today so you can celebrate STEM all year round.

6. Watch (and Share) the Tomorrow STEMs From Iowa Video Series

Tomorrow STEMs from Iowa, it’s true. Our businesses, educators, legislators, parents and students all have a critical role to play to keep Iowa on the front lines of innovation and exploration.

Watch the videos in the Tomorrow STEMs playlist and share them with your friends and family on social media.

7.  Sign Up for the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council Newsletter

There are incredible things happening for STEM all around Iowa. Sign up for our monthly newsletter to hear more about them. You’ll also find information on Council programs, available resources, Council news and more.

8. Explore the STEM Council Blog

Each month, the STEM Council covers a different aspect of STEM on the blog. From aerospace to bridging the skills gap, advocates and leading voices across Iowa find a voice on the blog. Take some time to explore—and maybe find a new area of STEM that you never considered before.

9. Use the Hashtag #IASTEMDAY

No matter how you celebrate, the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council wants to see—and share—what you’re doing. Share your activities on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #IASTEMDay.

10. Share this blog with a friend!

Pass it on through social media, email or however you want to get your friends and family excited about the future of STEM in Iowa.

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