Iowa STEM Teacher Externships: Program Testimonials

Iowa STEM Teacher Externships: Des Moines Public Works Forestry Division

Olivia Palmer, first-year science teacher at Christ the King in Des Moines, and Taylor Hubbard, a science teacher at Ankeny High School, talk about their Teacher Externships experience working with the Emerald Ash Borer and creating a preventative plan for residents in the Des Moines area.

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Iowa STEM Teacher Externships: Central Iowa Healthcare

Erin Weatherly, a life science teacher at Marshalltown High School, discusses how her role as a teacher has contributed significantly to Central Iowa Healthcare and how her experience there has opened her eyes to new technology and methods high in STEM that have dramatically changed since she first started teaching.

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Iowa STEM Teacher Externships: Monsanto

Nick Scheetz, science teacher at Washington High School, and Bret Woodward, mathematics teacher at Muscatine High School—East Campus, took the summer to explore the behind-the-scenes world of Monsanto to learn more about career opportunities in their communities that will interest a broad variety of students who have different passions beyond high school.

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