Iowa STEM Summit

The Iowa STEM Summit is an examination and discussion of the statewide programs and task forces underway through the Iowa Governor's STEM Advisory Council aimed at providing the best STEM possible to PreK-12 students of Iowa.

In the past four years, attendees experienced breakout sessions with information about regional networks, communications strategies, graduation requirements, business-education partnerships, STEM BEST and STEM RLE models, professional development, informal STEM, counselor engagement, evaluation strategies, and more.




Last year's STEM Summit drew in more than 500 people from across the state, representing leaders from 8 states, including:

  • 13% business and economic development
  • 10% public universities
  • 33% PreK-12 education
  • 12% private and community colleges
  • 15% nonprofits and informals
  • 8% extension and AEAs
  • 8% state and local government, plus a valued handful of unaffiliated advocates.

Anyone with an interest in helping shape STEM programs and policies moving forward should attend, which includes business and industry leaders, school administrators, nonprofit providers, elected officials, educators in and out of schools, state agency leaders, higher education professionals, youth advocates, parents, and community leaders.

For an inside look at the 2015 Iowa STEM Summit, visit this link to watch videos and see the day's agenda.