Governor's 2018 Future Ready Iowa Summit Presentations

General session presentations in order of the agenda:

PRESENTATION: "School is Work and Work is School" - Brandon Busteed, Executive Director, Education and Workforce Development, Gallup

PRESENTATION: "Good Jobs that Pay Without a B.A." - Nicole Smith, Chief Economist, Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce

PRESENTATION: "Don't Miss Out on Work-Based Learning" - Jemar Lee, Prairie High/Iowa BIG Senior, EdRevision Co-Founder

PRESENTATION: "Computer Science is for Everyone" - Hadi Partovi, Founder and CEO,

Breakout session presentations in order of the agenda:

PRESENTATION: "High-Quality Pre-Apprenticeships and High School Registered Apprenticeships: Pioneers Tell How-To" - Sarah Derry, Lowell Ernst, Sheila Graham, David Landon, Eric Nelson, Teri Vos

PRESENTATION: "Teacher Externships: Why Students, Schools and Employers Benefit" - Jason Lang, Grace Swanson, Amber Pargmann, Christina Boar, Tony Kelly

PRESENTATION: "STEM BEST: Hard-Earned Lessons for School-Business Partnerships" - Kristine Bullock

PRESENTATION: "Our Data, Your Leverage: How Labor Markets Information Can Drive Smart Decisions" - Donna Burkett, Ryan Murphy, Cathy Ross

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