Communities Come Together for STEM Festivals

STEM Festivals
The recent STEM Family Festival in Woodbine featured engaging STEM activities for local families.

STEM graduates are in great demand to meet Iowa’s current and future workforce needs. Continuing to increase STEM interest and achievement in Iowa is made possible through the support and engagement of local communities throughout the state. The Governor’s STEM Advisory Council works to connect students, parents, educators, businesses and community leaders to provide real-world applications of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

STEM festivals provide the opportunity for communities to come together to offer engaging, hands-on learning activities for local families. Dozens of festivals will be held throughout Iowa in 2018, led by the STEM Council’s six regional STEM managers. Last year, nearly 17,000 people were reached by STEM festivals in communities throughout Iowa.

Spring STEM festivals are already underway. An example is the STEM Family Festival held earlier this month in Woodbine, Iowa. The Woodbine Community School District has been an active participant in the STEM Scale-Up Program offered by the Iowa STEM Council since 2014. This partnership was the driving force to implement the STEM Family Festival in March 2015. Along with STEM Council partner Dupont Pioneer, materials were provided to showcase learning opportunities in many career areas.

To find a festival in your area, check out our STEM calendar or visit your STEM region website for local events.

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