South Central Iowa STEM Region

Iowa STEM Map - South Central Iowa STEM Region

The South Central Iowa STEM Region is a collaborative effort with Drake University. The South Central Region is able to use the strengths from the institution to help expand STEM into the communities served in South Central Iowa.

Sarah Derry is the South Central Iowa STEM Regional Manager.
Contact Sarah to learn more about STEM in South Central Iowa.

Drake University

B4 School of Education
Office Telephone: 515-271-2403
South Central Iowa STEM website:

The Regional Manager, Sarah Derry, Drake University and the South Central Iowa’s Advisory Board, collaborate to identify, grow and create STEM programs that strengthen the South Central STEM region.

South Central Iowa's Advisory Board Members:

  • Mr. John Arbuckle, Johnston
  • Ms. Mary Bontrager, Cumming
  • Mr. John Chai, Norwalk
  • Mr. Jack Gittinger, Norwalk
  • Ms. Katherine Harrington, West Des Moines
  • Dr. Kari Hensen, Ankeny
  • Ms. Mary Lee Madison, West Des Moines
  • Ms. Amber Pargmann, Ottumwa
  • Ms. Karen Pattison, Garden Grove
  • Mr. Stephen Sieck, Grinnell
  • Ms. Stacey Singleton, Johnston
  • Mr. Robert Volp, West Des Moines
  • Ms. Kimberly Wayne, Des Moines
  • Ms. Becky Wigeland, Indianola
Iowa STEM - South Central Iowa STEM Region - Region Manager Sarah Derry

About Sarah Derry, Ph.D.

Dr. Sarah Derry is the South Central Regional STEM Manager for the Governor's STEM Advisory Council and located at Drake University. Sarah earned a Bachelor of Science in Genetics from Iowa State University and a Ph.D. in Developmental Biology from the University of Iowa. She has conducted research in commercial and academic laboratories. Sarah started her career as a science teacher in a low-income, urban high school.