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Discover Business

Discover Business is a comprehensive guide designed to help you learn about different business degrees, business schools and career options. The guides focus on providing information about campus-based business degrees as well as online or distance programs. The website business school resources to help you do your own research to find the school that’s best for you

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College Success for Women in STEM

The following guide introduces the issues surrounding the lack of women in STEM fields and serves as a resource for girls and young women who are interested in pursuing careers in STEM. It includes in-depth research and interviews covering the most popular degrees for women currently entering a STEM field, how campuses are making an effort to foster a welcoming environment for women, female STEM pioneers and experts in the field today, and scholarships for women in STEM.

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College Factual

College Factual's mission is to help every student get their best fit education for less. They help students find and get great deals on the best fit colleges for them by using the best data available to create accurate matching, sorting and filtering tools so every student can find their perfect college and major match.

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Online Computer Engineering Degrees

Whatever computer engineering degree they choose, students have three different learning modes to explore. Campus-based programs require students to spend a majority of their “learning hours” in the classroom working with peers and professors. Online programs use a completely remote model in which assignments can be submitted over the web. Students interact with others through chat platforms and converse with professors via email. Hybrid programs serve as the third option. They incorporate web-based coursework with campus-based elements such as lab activities.

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