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Online Computer Engineering Degrees

Whatever computer engineering degree they choose, students have three different learning modes to explore. Campus-based programs require students to spend a majority of their “learning hours” in the classroom working with peers and professors. Online programs use a completely remote model in which assignments can be submitted over the web. Students interact with others through chat platforms and converse with professors via email. Hybrid programs serve as the third option. They incorporate web-based coursework with campus-based elements such as lab activities.

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Computer Science Scholarship Opportunities

When determining how to pay for a computer science degree, some people overlook scholarships as a way of offsetting college costs. In this guide, prospective students can find a comprehensive list of computer science scholarships, details about creating a standout scholarship application, ideas for alternative ways to pay for school, and links to additional funding resources.

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Affordable Colleges Online

Free, in-depth resources include comprehensive guidebooks, student interviews, user-friendly search tools, federal datasets, college rankings and other materials created and vetted by experts in education.

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Online Colleges in Iowa

On this page, we’ve collected resources that will help you approach the online higher education opportunities in Iowa. We begin by providing fact-driven surveys on postsecondary and online education in Iowa today, which will give you a good idea of things like funding and enrollment trends.

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