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Eastern Iowa Observatory and Learning Center

Located in Ely, the Eastern Iowa Observatory and Learning Center promotes the study of astronomy and related sciences through free and educational programs, presentations, guided observing sessions, and other special events.

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Iowa Museum of Natural History

Housed at The University of Iowa, this museum offers permanent and temporary gallery exhibits on a variety of scientific themes, and offers educational programs for all ages.

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21st Century Community Learning Centers

The Des Moines Public Schools offers academic programming, recreational enrichment, and family literacy to students and families. STEM activities are necessary for students to gain 21st century workforce skills.

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Women and Minorities in STEM

In addition to the need for more qualified workers, STEM careers provide exciting opportunities for breaking the norm and offering upward mobility and economic security to women and minorities; groups disproportionately affected by poverty. The following guide provides an insider’s look at STEM industries, explores why women and minorities have traditionally been underrepresented in these fields and what is being done to change the status quo.

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