Like it or tolerate it, a life spent defending the digital world from cyber attacks begins with a degree. In addition to creating a guide to choosing a cyber security degree, we’ve scoured the country for reputable programs.

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College Success for Women in STEM

The following guide introduces the issues surrounding the lack of women in STEM fields and serves as a resource for girls and young women who are interested in pursuing careers in STEM. It includes in-depth research and interviews covering the most popular degrees for women currently entering a STEM field, how campuses are making an effort to foster a welcoming environment for women, female STEM pioneers and experts in the field today, and scholarships for women in STEM.

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Computer Science Scholarship Opportunities

When determining how to pay for a computer science degree, some people overlook scholarships as a way of offsetting college costs. In this guide, prospective students can find a comprehensive list of computer science scholarships, details about creating a standout scholarship application, ideas for alternative ways to pay for school, and links to additional funding resources.

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Careers in Computer Science

The field of computer science has led the way in creating secure, well-paying jobs over the last decade—and that trend is expected to continue. Professionals in the field can pick from myriad established specialties, all with solid employment outlooks and good earning potential, or look to one of the emerging careers in the field. The keys to building a great future in computer science are knowing the available options and laying out a sound plan to get started.

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Hawley’s college experience is an ideal model for all women interested in higher education, and STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) in particular. In recent years, the popularity of STEM degrees has risen on campuses across the country. Many of these programs directly prepare graduates for work in a relevant field, and the vast majority of STEM degrees offer loftier projected salaries than other academic disciplines.

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STEM” is an abbreviation for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Predominantly, these are the fields in which new industries, businesses, and human possibilities are conceived. STEM workers solve everyday problems, research and analyze data about the world around us, and use their knowledge to design everything from computer programs to prosthetic limbs. STEM workers occupy jobs ranging from food science technician to cartographer, engineering manager to database administrator.

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Masters Degree in Cybersecurity in Iowa

In December 2015, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad ordered state officials to begin developing a strategy that would better prepare the state in the event of a cyberattack. Career opportunities for cybersecurity professionals in Iowa range from state government agencies like the Iowa Information Security Office and the Iowa Department of Homeland Security, to private cybersecurity businesses like Armolon Corporation, to large Iowa corporations like A.Y. McDonald Manufacturing Company in Dubuque and McLeodUSA in Cedar Rapids.

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STEM Study

Florida Polytechnic University launched, as a handy, easy-to-use resource for high school students and their parents who are considering a STEM-focused college degree program. The site contains information and tools about the college preparation and application process, including a financial aid calculator, STEM careers glossary and an application checklist with tips to consider through all four years of high school.

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Master's in Data Science

The Ultimate STEM Guide for Kids: 239 Cool Sites About Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

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Area 515 Des Moines Makerspace

The Des Moines Makerspace is a non-profit community of makers, artists, and hobbyists. Our shared workspace offers the tools, technology, and resources you need to make your projects and hobbies a reality. Come create something! Need help? Our informal classes, user groups, and shared expertise will help you develop the skills you need to finally start your dream project.

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